Middle Index Super Thin 70 mm

CONTACARE Famous middle index comes in both Spheric and Aspheric designs, providing the people
who likes a little extra! Give your customer that little extra with 1.56 Super Clear and Thin Middle Index
The most affordable of the higher Index lenses and very tough compared to CR39. As this material is
around 15% thinner and 20% lighter than the 1.5 it offers an economical option for those patients who
require thinner lenses.
Our Middle Index 1.56 comes in ReflectCare Super Hydrophobic (Super AR)

Specification & Technical information:

- Refractive Index: 1.56
- Material: NK55
- Design: Spherical / Aspherical
- Abbe Value: 38
- Gravity: 1.28
- Diameter: 70 mm
- UV: 400
- Available Certification: CE, FDA, ISO 9001


- Enhanced Vision Quality
- UV400
- Lighter & Thinner than 1.50 Index
- Unmatched Clarity
- Available in both Spheric / Aspheric Designs