Middle Index Super Thin 70 mm

CONTACARE Middle Index 1.56 Aspheric series represents the thinnest lenses. Go the Extra Mile with CONTACARE 1.56 Aspheric series, Give your frame what it really needs!

Lenses with a 1.56 index are considered the most cost effective lens on the market. They possess 100% UV
protection and are 22% thinner than CR39 lenses.

These lenses with superb finishing would suit those irregular frame sizes (small or large) and would make any pair of glasses look thinner than ordinary.

Enhanced Vision Quality: Available in Aspheric as well.
Our Middle Index 1.56 XL comes in ReflectCare (Super Hydrophobic)

Specification & Technical information:

- Refractive Index: 1.56
- Material: NK55
- Design: Spherical / Aspherical
- Abbe Value: 38
- Gravity: 1.20
- Diameter: 70 mm
- UV: 400
- Available Certification: CE, FDA, ISO 9001


- UV400
- Ultra-thin plus powers
- Available in both Spheric / Aspheric Designs
- High quality plastic lens
- Premium lens treatment with anti-reflective, anti-glare, anti-scratch &
water resistant