Super Thin 60/70 mm

Why wear standard heavy looking lenses? When you can enjoy the advantages of CR39 Super Thin Series!
Super Thin with base curves making the lens extremely thin and aesthetic with extremely clear monomer
(Great Lake), The higher Abbe value number, the less amount of aberration.

The most commonly used lens material is economical and durable as well as offering the best Abbe value of
all the lens indices.

Our CR39 Super Thin comes in CARE TOUGH -(Hard Coat)& Reflect Core (Super Hydrophobic).

Specification & Technical information:

- Refractive Index: CR39 1.498
- Material: Grate Lake Monomer
- Design: Spherical
- Abbe Value: 58
- Gravity: 1.28
- Diameter: 60/70 mm
- UV: 350-380
- Available Certification: CE, FDA,
- ISO 9001


- Light Weight & Thin
- Unmatched Clarity
- Water Repellent
- Beautiful & Elegant
- Enhanced Surface Treatment