“Get ‘tougher’ with 2X TOUGH!”

“The Lens with all the benefits for safety that does not require any special tools”
  •  Tough and Flexible for rimless drilling – Unlike a regular lens the 2X TOUGH lens is suitable for rimless drilling and will not break nor crack
  • Very durable and strong for safety
1.61 2X TOUGH 70/72 mm

CONTACARE 2X TOUGH Aspheric 1.61 High index is one of the most advanced lens material available
today (none MR material). When utilized properly it provides a thin profile, lighter weight and advanced
optics to the patient. The 1.60 High index plastic offers the biggest benefit to minus prescriptions, where the edge of the lens is thicker than the center and therefore, easy for the patient to notice.

Thinner: Because of their ability to bend light more efficiently, high index lenses for nearsightedness have thinner edges than lenses with the same prescription power that are made of conventional plastic material.

Lighter: Thinner edges require less lens material, which reduces the overall weight of the lenses. Lenses made of high-index plastic are lighter than the same lenses made in conventional plastic, so they’re more comfortable to wear.

Specification & Technical information:

Refractive Index: 1.61
Material: Kureha (Japan)
Design: Aspherical
Abbe Value: 38
Gravity: 1.23
Diameter: 70/72 mm
UV: 400
Available Certification: CE, FDA
ISO 9001


Ultra-Thin and Lightweight
High Performance
Available in aspheric design for
Flatter Lenses
100% UV Protection at 400nm