What are spectacle lens?
Spectacle lenses are lenses used in Spectacle frames , for correcting refractive errors. Spectacle lenses are typically prescribed by qualified Eye Care Professionals , The prescription consists of all the specifications necessary to make the lens. Prescriptions typically include the power specifications of each lens (for each eye).
What is advantage of plastic spectacle lense ?
Plastic Lenses are light in weight over glass lenses and they do not break when fall on the hard ground easily. One more advantage is that one can tint a plastic lens and use it as a sunglass
Why is Hard coat on plastic spectacle lense ?
As plastic lense surface are relatively softer and they are highly prone to scratches. So, to safe guard from scratches, lenses are sealed in hard protective coating. This is generally know as Hard Coat . This helps in reducing chance of scratches on lenses. We offer advanced coating ,Care Tough : CONTACARE's scratch protection coating .
Why is ARC coating on lenses ?
Anti-reflective or Anti reflection Coat (AR) coatings are a type of  coating applied to the surface of spectacle lenses, reduces reflection, giving pleasing cosmetic look to the person. Regular lens coatings typically uses one of three coating methods: a hard coating that minimizes “scratches”, a multi-coating that provides clear vision, a water repellent coating for moisture proofing effect. CONTACARE's ReflectCare the advanced Super Hydrophobic coating enhances water repellency and oil repellency, slip proofing, and durability” of lenses compared to conventional hydrophobic lenses. User enjoys nearly invisible lenses , reduced annoying ghost reflection from back surface and reduced computer fatigue experience.
Are spectacle lense Scratch proof and unbreakable ?
No , lenses can be Scratch resistance and impact resistance . However also keep in mind like any other object you own – Lenses are also subject to wear and tear as they are worn everyday . They are exposed to rough cleaning, being kept in your pocket with other things, frames kept on surfaces with lens facing down etc. So coating minimizes scratches but can not make it Scratch proof. All lenses have a tendency to break if enough pressure/impact is applied, as such they can not be unbreakable. CONTACARE's CareLite is very Impact resistant ,and also light weight . CareLite is highly recommended for children.
What is Progressive Spectacle Lens ?
Generally, Progressive lenses are recommended to Presbyops. Progressive design replicates natural vision more effectively than traditional (lined Bifocal), since they provide smooth change in vision & a full range of focus and ensures high rate of adaptation & are preferred over traditional conventional designs. CONTACARE's Care Pragati  for  entry level & Care Unnati are available in free form also. This enables Optimized , Framatized and Personalized design for better and clear vision.
How to know that lenses I bought is from CONTACARE ?
Always ask for Certificate Of Authenticity . CONTACARE provides Authenticity Card with its Spectacle Lenses.
What are contact lenses?
Contact lenses are prescription medical devices manufactured from high-grade polymers. The contact lenses rest on the front surface of the eyes and, like eyeglasses, bend light rays so that images are properly focused on the retina.
What is refractive error?
The function of the eye is to see clearly the objects around us. The inability of the eye to accurately focus the rays of light  on the retina is called refractive error. There are three types of refractive errors. 1. Myopia : In the near-sighted (myopic) eye the light rays are focused in front of the retina. The distance image is blurred, the near image is clear. (Patient has a minus refraction) 2. Hyperopia : In the far-sighted (hyperopic) eye the light rays are focused in behind the retina. The near image is blurred, the distance image is clear. (Patient has a plus refraction) 3. Astigmatism : A condition due to an irregular shaped cornea. There are multiple foci on the retina resulting in blurred images.
What is Presbyopia?
In the presbyopic eye there is a loss of focus at near images (loss of accommodation). Due to hardening of the lens as a natural aging process the lens loses flexibility.
Is it safe to share contact lenses with others?
No. Don't share your contact lenses with anyone! Contact lenses, even if worn for cosmetic reasons are medical devices and should only be worn under the supervision of a licensed eye care professional. Sharing contact lenses may spread microorganisms which may result in serious eye health problems.
Can I wear make-up with my contact lenses?
Yes, but try to avoid getting make-up wearing  contact lenses. Always insert your lenses before applying your eye color and mascara.
What’s the difference between hard and soft contact lenses?
Soft contact lenses are manufactured from hydrophilic polymers (water-loving plastics). Varying from 38% to 71%, the water content is what makes soft contact lenses pliable. Hard contact lenses are not manufactured from hydrophilic plastics and therefore do not contain water. While they can provide good ocular health, they are not as comfortable initially as soft lenses.