Product Briefing:

ContaCare MPDS is Multi Purpose Disinfecting Solution specially developed for Silicone Hydrogel and all Soft Contact Lenses. ContaCare MPDS provides excellent cleaning, disinfection, protein removal, lipid removal, removes unwanted debris and is used for soaking, rinsing Contact Lenses. ContaCare MPDS also conditions and lubricates Contact Lenses for long lasting lens wearing comfort. Oxidative SOC preservative used in ContaCare MPDS enhances ocular health.

Feature & Benefits of ContaCare MPDS:
ContaCare MPDS : SOC preservative advantage

SOC (Stabilized Oxychloro Complex) is non sensitizing on eye as it breaks into Water and Sodium Chloride in presence of light. This non sensitizing on eye SOC results in almost no Cytotoxic activity, enhances ocular health and lens wearing comfort.
* Higher magnification photography of Cytotoxic performance

Superior Disinfection Efficacy

Dual disinfection (Boric Acid & Oxychloro Complex) in ContaCare MPDS, enables broad spectrum anti-microbial activity. This superior disinfection efficacy, provides microbe free contact lenses every day. Superior disinfection efficacy of ContaCare MPDS provides effective and broad antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects and reduces chances of Contact lens induced infections.

Broad – spectrum disinfection of ContaCare MPDS

*Graph Log10 Reduction (6 hr) Stand alone test

FDA recommends 99.99 against panel microorganisms

Excellent Compatibility with Silicone Hydrogel & all Soft Contact Lenses

Dual surfactant (Citrate & Plutronic 237) available in ContaCare MPDS, enhances excellent Lipid removal, Protein removal and other debris from lens surface. Making lenses clean and clear everyday.

*Effective Lipid and protein removal

Long lasting, Comfortable Lens Wearing Experience

Double lubricating agent (PG & HM) in ContaCare MPDS Rewets and conditions Lens surface for long and lasting Lens wearing comfort.

*Excellent comfort overtime

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